Welcome to Murray’s Retro Diner!

Students arrived to Murray’s Retro Diner to peruse the menu and books in order to determine which historical fiction book club they wanted to join. There were eight starter books to choose from that would lead into more books that fall into the topic chosen.

Students had a chance to begin reading each of the books in order to determine the ones they were interested in most and then ranked those titles by preference on a guest check they were handed upon arrival. The retro diner created a lot of interest and engagement and students were excited to make their choices.

Eighth graders do not typically choose historical fiction as a genre, but the rollout created a lot of excitement and students bought in to Diane’s advice that books clubs are a great way to try out a genre you have never really explored before and might end up liking.

The next day Diane formed each club using the guest checks and students began reading. You could hear a pin drop during independent reading time and because she didn’t want to disrupt them while so engrossed, Diane waited until the end of the period to stop them a bit early to do some noting and discussing. It was an exciting start and we are looking forward to what’s next!

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