Reading and Writing Workshop 301: A Professional Development on Accountability and Student Equity in the Workshop

A Focus on Individual Growth

We know from Reading and Writing Workshop 201 that instruction during the independent time of the workshop focuses on the individual and small group needs. This is when teachers meet needs by moving readers and writers from where they are, thus providing differentiation.

By moving readers and writers from where they are, teachers are also focusing on equity vs equality. Instead of everyone getting the same instruction and being expected to do the same thing, we provide the instruction they need to make growth and hold them accountable for that work.

Often times unfavorable behaviors, disengagement, and lack of motivation in the classroom can be attributed to needs not being met, instruction not being differentiated, and expectations that are unrealistic compared to needs. These behaviors can look different in every reader and writer from avoidance and shutting down to more aggressive behaviors that create workshop disruptions.

Shifting from equality based instruction and assessment to equity based instruction and assessment means re-framing our focus as teachers.

Accountability in the Workshop – Part 1 “Why”

This video explains the philosophy of grading with equity in mind and why this shift is necessary.

Accountability in the Workshop – Part 2 “How”

Now that we have established the why, these videos focus on how we go about this shift in both reading and writing workshop.

Reading Workshop

Writing Workshop

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