Part 3 – Simplifying Small Group Instruction and Conferring with Progressions: Using Demo Tools

Once you have tools that can be used for table conferences based on the the learning progressions, then a possible addition to your toolkit could be creating and adding demo tools. These tools use the mentor text or read aloud to model the kind of thinking that can be done during stop and jots and long writes.

These tools are created using each progression. Below you will find a demo tool created using the first progression for thinking about character.

Anchor chart created using the learning progressions
Demo tool created using the first progression

When creating demo tools, you can show readers how you:

  • look through a lens (which comes from the progressions)
  • notice patterns (your stop and jots)
  • come to a new understanding (your long write)

Since creating demo tools can be more time consuming upfront, I would recommend that your grade level team take a piece and share so that it’s more manageable.

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